MomentQuest is a customizable forensic search tool that quickly retrieves video footage with faces or number plates. Searching in MomentQuest is fast because it is based on metadata, which are calculated for all moving objects in the field of view. The metadata contain object attributes that are saved as text strings to a special database at the same time as the video itself.

Facial metadata are biometrics, i.e. brief descriptions of all faces in the field of view. You can upload a picture of the person of interest and let the system investigate and filter recorded video by % similarity.

All captured number plates are subject to automatic number plate recognition and go into the metadata database as well. You can enter a full or partial plate number, and MomentQuest will run a fuzzy search. In a matter of seconds, the thumbnails of video episodes are on your screen.


You can specify the following search criteria:

  • motion in the zone, user-defined with any polyline
  • detection of crossing a virtual line in a user-defined direction (available in paid version)
  • loitering of an object in an area
  • simultaneous presence of a few objects in an area
  • motion from one area to another.

You can apply these filters to your search results:

  • object size
  • object color
  • direction of object motion
  • speed of the moving object
  • zone entry/appearance and zone exit/disappearance (with the motion in the zone criteria).