Face recognition and search

Face Intellect is well suited for public spaces, infrastructure sites with critical access control needs, retail outlets, HoReCa and gambling establishments.

Deep learning algorithms

Facial recognition in Face Intellect is powered by deep neural networks (DNN). Algorithms of the new generation are free of recognition issues which were typical for the previous “non-DNN” generation.

Neural network algorithms are basically AI, artificial intelligence — powerful machine learning-based techniques, which emulate how the human brain operates. DNN is trained on a huge dataset with labeled faces to map a face to a numerical vector representation. Once the network has been trained, it can compare any faces, even ones it has never seen before.

Facial recognition with DNN offers top quality predictions regardless of the camera angle, lighting, hairstyle, facial expression, glasses, or other variations. Actually, modern algorithms work even better than human can do.

How Face Intellect works

Live video

  1. Face Intellect automatically picks out faces in the video feed from cameras.
  2. It compares them to a database, such as an employee access list or a blacklist.
  3. When it determines a given degree of similarity (high or low), it triggers the system to lock or unlock a door, send an alert to security personnel, and so on.
  4. When used in access control, facial recognition can also be part of a Time and Attendance system.


Search video footage

You can quickly find faces that match a picture, video image or photo-fit, and jump to event video.

Collect statistics

Use Face Intellect as a people counter to get unique and total visitor numbers, find out their gender and age, and get reports for business analysis.

Face Intellect applications

Crowd management and security at train stations, stadiums, airports, subways, etc.

Access control, prevention of terror acts, and investigation.


Stop blacklisted people and high rollers at the door. Identify VIP clients and track their whereabouts. Search video footage to investigate and prevent fraud.

Retail and HoReCa

  • Safety and asset loss prevention: Early warning of shoplifters and offenders.
  • Customer service: Identify VIP customers.
  • Marketing: Count the total number of visitors and unique visitors. Evaluate visitor demographics — gender and age. Report statistics.
  • Time and Attendance: Track employees’ hours and build reports.


Upload a picture, snapshot or photo-fit and quickly find suspects and related video episodes.

On site: Pinpoint where and when the person of interest appeared, and what he or she did in those places.

In Safe City projects: Locate the places most frequented by a suspect and find out wh ere they were last seen.

Access control systems

A person applies an access card to the reader. Face Intellect captures their face on camera and runs it through the ACS database. Access is granted automatically (for a given degree of similarity), or the operator is prompted (if the degree of similarity is too low). A single operator can cover several checkpoints.

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