Offsite Monitoring

Intelligent video surveillance is certainly not a new idea as governments have implemented Safe City concepts successfully around the world, but the private sector has never before implemented an intelligent surveillance system of this calibre.

Smart Monitoring Centre’s (known as SMC’s) are established in and around South Africa whose objective is to collect event-based data from businesses, local authorities and security companies, and then apply AxxonSoft’s AI and Deep Learning technology to understand all the activities surrounding a threat or a breach, and in doing so, make it possible to start to build models and predict possible threats before they happen – allowing customers to prepare and handle these situations and offer alerts at the time to be prepared for a security breach in their business.

Powered By Axxonsoft

AxxonSoft was founded in 2003 and is a leading developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance which has completed over 150 000 projects and installed over 2,5 million cameras. AxxonSoft partners together with phenomenal companies across the world to achieve their goals. Over 5 800 certified partners in 100+ countries.

Their intelligent systems integrate with over 10 000 devices and the power of their platform more than 240 Safe City projects, security systems at retailers, banks, international airports, seaports, industrial sites and other government and business facilities.

Highlights of the Smart Monitoring Centre facility

  • Remote Surveillance – First of its kind surveillance monitoring centre
  • Open Systems – Works with most existing CCTV systems & internet connections
  • Logistics – Direct link to authorities for proactive response & resolution
  • 24hr Operation – Around the clock operation with event-driven alerts
  • Technology – Latest Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning technology
  • Professionalism – Highly-qualified, accredited personnel & professional services team