Access Control, Fire and Intrusion Alarm Module

ACFA Intellect is a suite of modules for integrating access control, fire/security alarm, and perimeter security hardware into Intellect-powered security systems.


ACFA Intellect allows connecting access control, fire/security alarm, and perimeter security infrastructure to the Intellect platform and exchanging information about the status of access control, intrusion and fire alarm devices and control them using standard Axxon Intellect Enterprise tools, which allows to accomplish a wide variety of tasks related to access control and operation of fire and security alarms.

Simple to configure, intuitive to understand

Configuration options and hardware health information are accessed through the standard Intellect interface. This interface provides you with comprehensive site information — door and pass status, number of inhabitants, possible emergency situations, etc. — conveniently located on a single screen. Modules are configured independently of each other, which makes your system more flexible and versatile.

Freedom of choice: extensive hardware support

The access control integration module and fire/security alarm integration module allow connecting access control and alarm equipment from a long list of leading global manufacturers to your Intellect-powered security system.





Honeywell Galaxy Dimension

Honeywell N-1000

Hunter PRO


OPC Wrapper







Siemens Cerberus ECO

Southwest Microwave


soyal logo



BACnet integration module



Why ACFA Intellect?

Intellect-powered systems are infinitely expandable and support hardware from top-notch manufacturers, which means that we can always find and adapt a solution perfectly suited for your needs. We can select a system that does exactly what you need it to, without needing to pay for unneeded features.

You can count on us

AxxonSoft offers assistance in developing, installing and supporting integrated solutions. AxxonSoft provides free technical support to company’s partners and software end-users. Learn more about Technical Support system.

ACFA Intellect: an investment in the future

Use of ACFA Intellect does more than just enable your system to meet the security needs of your business in a customized, thoughtful way. It also offers powerful tools for monitoring the efficiency and operations of your business.

Benefits of ACFA Intellect:

  • Reliable protection of facilities and intellectual property
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Workplace time and attendance
  • Streamlining of staff needs
  • Reduced security outlays
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