Axxon Next

A video surveillance system that combines innovative technologies and experience with deployment at tens of thousands of sites. A balanced product that can meet the needs of any project, whatever the scale or complexity.


Runs on personal computers and servers

Any scale

No limit on the total number of servers and clients

Full functionality

Even if the system only has one camera

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Axxon Next features

Forensic Search for your video archive


Quickly find events with multiple criteria


Review an hour of recorded video in just minutes

ANPR / LPR search

Search for video of a vehicle by the license plate number

Face search

Quickly find faces that match a picture or photo-fit

Offline analytics

Use all the forensic search features with imported video

Video management & investigation

Control of video recording

Flexible configuration, secure storage, and quick access

Replication of video archives

Use centralized or distributed storage of video data

Network storage

Record video on NAS and SAN

Video export

Export to AVI, EXE, and PDF with flexible settings

Live Video mode

User-friendly interface

Maximize the operator’s efforts

Interactive 3D map

Intuitive interface to find the exact location of cameras


Use multiple cameras to follow objects


Use digital zoom to track an object

Videowall 2.0

Manage layouts and video walls in a distributed system

Video analytics

Scene detection tools, camera tampering detection, and audio sensors


Merge multiple camera feeds into a single panoramic image

System architecture and remote access

Mobile clients and web interface

Access the system from iOS or Android devices, or in a web browser


Cloud service for remote monitoring and situational awareness

Decentralized architecture

All servers are peers, no single point of failure

Cross-system client

Manage independent systems in the same interface

Star architecture

Combine multiple remote systems

Reliability and fault tolerance

Micromodule-based architecture

Increased stability and robustness


Redundancy of servers in the distributed system


No data fragmentation with our proprietary file system

Performance and optimization of resources

GreenStream technology

Automatically selects the optimal video stream for the screen resolution

Motion Wavelet codec

Adapts to efficiently stream video from the server to the client

UDP and multicasting

Frees up network bandwidth

Integration and automation

Manage events

Interaction with third-party systems


Customize automated responses to events

Configuration and administration

Easy to add cameras

Motion detection recording by default

Bulk configuration of cameras

Set up a large CCTV system in no time

LDAP authentication

Conveniently manage users in a corporate system

Hardware support

Support for IP devices

Support for over 9900 device models

Edge storage on IP devices

Access to on-board storage of recorded video

Metadata for IP devices

Receive and process data on moving objects in the FoV


Evaluation version

  • Full functionality except replication of recorded video, cross-system client, and offline analytics
  • Works from 8:00 to 18:00


For smaller systems

  • Up to 64 cameras
  • Basic functionality
  • Video analytics


For demanding projects

  • Any scale
  • TimeCompressor video synopsis
  • LPR, face and criteria-based forensic search, Tag&Track Pro (optional)


For projects of any complexity

  • Full functionality
  • Advanced features for large and distributed systems

The number of servers, workplaces, mobile and web clients is unlimited. Payment for them is not charged.

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