Solutions that fit your organization

Axxon Intellect Enterprise provides you with a distributed, scalable and reliable security system that integrates easily with any third-party software and hardware. What’s more, we also offer horizontal and vertical solutions to meet the specific challenges of your industry.

POS Intellect — software suite for retail security

POS Intellect software module helps effectively combat and prevent fraud, theft, and other problems on the shop floor. It offers intelligent video and tight integration with systems you already use to ensure total control over all transactions and activities — from entry points to cashiers and store aisles.

The system synchronizes the video image of the cash area and text on each check, and directly controls the process of exchanging goods for cash. Axxon POS Module gives you unprecedented access to and control over your entire retail operation and records statistical sales data – a powerful tool for business analysis.

Auto Intellect — a comprehensive traffic control solution

A software module for automatic license plate recognition and traffic statistic analysis. Auto Intellect recognizes and logs car license plates, records an image of the car and plate, and notes the date, registration time, and direction of each vehicle. Automatically counts and recognizes vehicles of different types and detects various road rules violations.

Face Intellect — an intelligent identification solution

Facial recognition software module automatically detects and captures the image of a person, compares it to others in order to positively identify persons of interest. Face Intellect module is designed for application at public places, airports, stadiums, cross border control zones, prisons, critical infrastructures, and military sites.

Access Control, Fire and Intrusion Alarm Module

Simple and intuitive, Axxon Intellect Enterprise’s access control, fire and intrusion alarm module provides you with comprehensive site information — door and pass status, number of inhabitants, possible emergency situations, etc — conveniently located on one screen.

Integrated Monitoring Module for security systems

Integrated monitoring systems are a unique tool for centralized command and control suited even for low-bandwidth conditions. These systems allow real-time monitoring of hardware health as well as getting and processing alarms and video fragments from different protected sites. This allows responding to alarms more quickly and fixing system errors without delay. The special monitoring interface allows overseeing a security system of unlimited size with a minimum number of human operators required.

Additional useful information

Securing railway and port facilities is always difficult, and especially so in the case of intermodal transport. Theft and human-caused disturbances are a serious threat to transport operators, who must combat the threat of disappearance and misallocation of valuable resources. The Port of Yuzhny, working in collaboration with leading Ukrainian integrators, found the ideal solution for this and related security issues by installing a security system powered by the Axxon Intellect PSIM, complemented by the Rail Intellect module for recognition of rail car and tank car registration numbers.