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SecurityBis AxxonNext 4.5.8 (002)

Latest update adds new features and supports more cameras per server

A new update for Security BIS’ flagship product, AxxonSoft’s Axxon Next VMS, has been rolled out that offers enhancements to the 4.5 release. Axxon Next 4.5.8 adds support for the latest NVIDIA GPU microarchitectures and introduces various features that further streamline the use of the VMS.

By offloading video decoding tasks to an NVIDIA GPU, Axxon Next now supports more cameras per server. In addition to speeding up video decoding times by up to 40%, this means lower server CPU usage, helping to extend each server’s lifespan and saving clients money in the long term.

Axxon Next 4.5.8 also addresses false event generation with its new Neural-based Object Filtering and Tracking function. This AI-powered technology minimises the impact of things like rain and shadows on surveillance areas and only triggers alerts when human intrusions are detected.

These latest improvements, which are only a small sampling of the new features in 4.5.8, allow Security Ops Centres powered by Axxon Next to oversee security functions and coordinate efforts to address incidents more efficiently than ever.

Through its commitment to the ongoing development of Axxon Next, AxxonSoft is empowering Security BIS to plan, build, and deploy video surveillance solutions that can keep up with the ever-evolving security needs of customers.

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