AxxonSoft becomes the first VMS developer to support ONVIF Profile T - SecurityBis

In October 2018, ONVIF announced the newest Profile T standard as an extended set of functions for video analytics and video/metadata streaming.

As of February 16, 2019, Axxon Next VMS and Intellect PSIM officially support the ONVIF Profile T standard. This makes AxxonSoft the first vendor to establish server-side support for the new standard.

The ONVIF Profile T device interoperability protocol supports compression and streaming with H.264 and H.265 codecs. H.265 video codec exceeds its predecessor H.264 in compression efficiency and processing high definition video streams. H.265 video takes up less disk space to store and less bandwidth to stream. That means lower total costs of system ownership.

Moreover, the new standard supports metadata transmission (including analytics- and event-related data), bi-directional audio for conformant devices, and applying analytics to specified areas of the video image.

With ONVIF Profile T, AxxonSoft software is compatible with the most advanced HD and 4K cameras to keep the highest video surveillance standards. AxxonSoft products support more than 10,000 IP edge devices via ONVIF and proprietary protocols. AxxonSoft is a contributing member of ONVIF and an active driver for developing new standards. Previously, Intellect PSIM was the first software platform to support ONVIF Profile G on the server side.

ONVIF Profile T is supported in AxxonSoft’s standard software packages for integration of IP devices starting from Drivers Pack 3.56.