The same great quality – but a different name - SecurityBis

Exciting News!

OfficeBis has officially changed its name to SecurityBis. But we have not only changed our name, but we have also increased our service offering to include other CCTV brands and firearm management solutions. Now our partners will be able to get the same AxxonSoft products you know and love as well as a host of other security-related products from reputable brands.

SecurityBis is a professional surveillance intelligence, communications, electronic systems and connectivity company. We provide and develop intelligent business solutions to a large sector of the security and surveillance industry with some of the biggest names in the business.

OfficeBis started as a telecommunications and connectivity company in 2015. And in July 2018, we began focusing on AxxonSoft’s products as we believed – and still do – that AxxonSoft’s products add value to all sectors of our society. However, as we started trading in the security and surveillance sector, we realised that we could distributor different security-related products through our partner channel.

Our managing director, Gavin Cook, says, “OfficeBis no longer spoke directly to our market and partners, and thus, SecurityBis was born. Even though our name has changed, our promise to deliver the same great quality stays the same.

“Our partners are accustomed to a certain standard, and we will continue to deliver on this by using reputable brands, intelligent surveillance and professional communications. By increasing our service offering, we aim to add more value to our partners’ basket of customer solutions and create further opportunities for them.”

For more information on our new products and solutions, please contact us on or 011 452 3769.