Axxon Intellect Enterprise is Modular and Industry-Oriented

Fill your specific industry-related needs without complication, time cost or effort. Sound impossible? Axxon Intellect Enterprise comes tailored to your specifications and allows you to implement exactly what you want – easier and faster.

Our out-of-the-box vertical and horizontal modules and point solutions are built to work with our core technology platform ready to solve specific business and security challenges, quickly, easily, and effectively.

Our functional modules, such as POSface recognition, and license plate recognition, and our remarkable point solutions, such as our exceptional digital video surveillance system, digital video recorders and network video servers, are all designed to integrate seamlessly with Axxon Intellect Enterprise – making it easy to fulfill specific business and security needs, with a lower TCO.

The modules can be launched at any computer and connected to the system core by means of a network, thus providing a complete solution on remote operation, control, and monitoring. You get the capabilities you need for your specific industry and business, and can easily expand and add functionality to your system as desired. The universal hardware and software makes reconfiguration and expansion simple and affordable.

Reliable and High Performing What else is Axxon Intellect Enterprise?