Axxon Intellect Enterprise is Reliable and High Performing

Your people, property and assets are important to you, and you’ll do whatever it takes to protect them. You can’t afford a security system that might let you down. But how can you be sure that the system you choose is a system you can trust?

Axxon Intellect Enterprise provides the highest performance and reliability for security solutions. Axxon Intellect Enterprise ensures that quality and performance are never sacrificed even in installations with tens of thousands of cameras on one network, or in environments with difficult conditions (such as poor lighting or harsh weather).

The Motion Wavelet compression algorithm and video data transfer technologies allow high-quality image transmission even at a low bandwidth capacity. The P2P architecture further ensures fast and reliable data delivery and processing. Because of the system’s distributed architecture, you can connect and control your integrated systems and devices from any location, without sacrificing image quality, bandwidth capacity, or usability. In addition, the system does not limit user numbers, so you can connect as many users you need, without any constraints. As a result, you get a reliable, high-performing solution that does what you need it to, without fail.

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