Forensic Search smart scene analysis in video archives

Why Forensic Search?

The main goal of using an intelligent search engine is to find events of interest to the user in the video archive quickly if the exact time when the event occurred is unknown. Forensic Search makes it possible to raise work with the video archive to a new level of quality, from the user viewing the entire time interval which is potentially of interest to situational analysis of the archive according to set parameters.

What is Forensic Search?

With Forensic Search, camera video is processed in real time, and metadata describing all objects in the scene and their characteristics are recorded to a special database that is synchronized with the video footage. No preliminary configuration of video detection tools is needed. To search, the user enters a query (this is similar to configuration of a video detection tool), for example, crossing a line or motion in a zone. The Forensic Search system processes the recorded metadata and in seconds finds all video fragments which correspond to the query.

Search and find with Forensic Search

You can specify the following search criteria via the Forensic Search user interface:

  • crossing a virtual straight line in a user-defined direction
  • motion in the zone
  • zone entry
  • zone exit
  • motion from one area to another.
  • item appeared in the zone
  • item disappeared in the zone
  • stopping by in the zone
  • presence in the zone for over 10 seconds
  • abandoned object

In addition, you can configure Forensic Search to find objects of the selected color or filter objects that cross a line/polyline with the selected speed.


  • There is no need for preliminary configuration of video detection tools; data about all moving objects in the scene are automatically saved. This advantage is especially valuable for large systems, as it makes it possible to quickly install and start using Forensic Search.
  • Instant search. The first query results appear on the screen almost immediately.
  • As the system works with video recorded into the archive, a search can be performed several times while you refine your query.