Traffic light violations

Red light enforcement via photo/video capture

Auto Intellect lets you automatically capture red light violations and build a database for an automated traffic ticket generation system.

Depending on the number of traffic lanes, several cameras are employed to capture violations for each direction of a monitored intersection:

  • Main cameras – one per lane, aimed directly at the intersection and used to capture and recognize license plates of vehicles entering the intersection. Traffic moves toward the cameras.
  • Additional surveillance cameras — aimed toward the rear of vehicles entering the intersection (traffic moves away from the cameras). This cameras’ field of view also captures red lights.

Auto Intellect receives a signal from the traffic light controller whenever the traffic light changes to red.

This signal initiates recording by all cameras. The system registers the following data for each vehicle caught in the intersection:

  • images of the vehicle and its license plate;
  • recognized license plate number of the vehicle (in text form);
  • image confirming that the traffic light is red, and that the vehicle is in a forbidden area of the road while the light is red (captured by the additional surveillance camera).

Auto Intellect lets you control an unlimited number of intersections with a single unified system for red light enforcement. Data pertaining to all captured violations at all intersections will be automatically sent to a unified database used by the system that generates and prints traffic tickets.

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