Web reports

The web reports system provides for access to centralized statistics of the cashier operations supervision from any store of the retail chain. It can be used as part of an integrated monitoring center and individually to provide remote access to required statistics for managers, security department heads and retail chain top management.

The system allows to read reports on cashier operations, view related footage and the receipts as well as print the reports out or email them from a web browser on any personal computer with Internet connection.

Functions of the web reports system

  • Reports are shown in a table, in which lines correspond to cash register events and columns correspond to event-related data, such as store number, cash register number, date and time, cashier’s name etc. If selected, the event is highlighted in red and video footage and receipt text are displayed.
  • Reports can be sent via email. In addition, reports can be emailed on a regular basis.
  • Reports can be filtered by cashiers, cash registers or video surveillance operators.
  • The system offers two interfaces to display reports.
  • Reports can be filtered by a period of time or groups of event statuses.
  • System administrators preset the groups and the event statuses included therein. For example, Neutral Events and Suspicious Events groups can be created to incorporate corresponding statuses. The Suspicious Events group will then include statuses like Receipt Item Cancellation or Purchase Returns. Video surveillance operators are responsible for inputting event statuses.


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