Retail Analytics

Retail Intellect is a comprehensive, flexible solution for retailers that matches technologies for ensuring point-of-sale safety and security with video analytics for gathering priceless marketing information. With AxxonSoft Retail Analytics retailers can supplement strategic and short-term planning by capturing and cataloging real-world marketing information, reduce expenses, improve return on capital, gain a powerful system for managing company resources, and boost the bottom line.


Store traffic management

Measure the number of people who visit your store, at a whole site or within a specific zone of observation. Improve customer service by smartly planning staff hours around peak times. Plan in-store promotions smartly and optimize your promotional strategies.

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Queue management

Measure and manage the load on points of client service in your store. Improve business efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

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Heat map

Understand your customer traffic patterns. Plan promos and merchandise placement based on information about the most attractive areas of your store. Determine the effectiveness of your product placement and scale out successful experiments.

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