A freight container number recognition solution based on Auto Intellect

The solution uses the ARH Containers module to automatically recognize freight containers’ numbers and record their data into a database along with relevant video footage. It can be used for localizing and tracking containers. This solution is designed for use in port and railroad logistics, and freight customs control.

What is the Auto Intellect powered ARH Containers module capable of

The ARH Containers module offers a set of tools for automatic recognition of freight container numbers, subsequent database searching, and analyzing the data recorded, including:

  • recognition of standard ISO 6346 (BIC), MOCO and ILU numbers (both horizontal and vertical), and dimension codes;
  • processing of analog and IP video feeds, linking video footage with recognized numbers;
  • stable 24/7 operation and automatic adjustment to changing environmental conditions (needs additional lighting);
  • obtaining container number images from multiple sources to establish the highest possible recognition accuracy;
  • real-time container tracking;

The freight container number recognition solution perfectly fits the following needs:

  • freight turnover and logistics management at railways, marine, and air ports;
  • freight management and extended security in ports and cargo terminals;
  • collecting and processing data for accounting and analysis.