HID integration module

The HID integration module allows sharing information about events and alarms between the VertX EVO, EDGE EVO, and VertX access control platforms and the Intellect PSIM, enabling creation of AxxonSoft-powered security systems that consolidate diverse components in a single software interface.

The HID integration module supports the following functionality:

  • Configuration of HID Global hardware
  • Monitoring and management of systems based on HID Global hardware

Integration support has been added in ACFA Intellect for V1000, V2000, and E400 controllers as well as V100, V200, and V300 interface modules.

The V1000 networked controller supports connections to up to 16 interfaces for doors/readers and can make access decisions for all connected doors. In addition, it can monitor inputs and manage outputs for interface modules (V100, V200, and V300).

The V2000 networked controller can manage two readers for up to two doors.

The single-door E400 networked controller is Ethernet-powered and controls access for one access point.

V100 interface modules connect two readers via an access control interface to one or two doors, V200 modules connect up to 16 inputs for monitoring, and V300 modules support fully functional hardware and microprogram infrastructure for centralized access control software, with connections to up to 12 devices.

Here are just some of functionalities integrated:

  • Connection refused, Connection reset by peer
  • Invalid array size, Invalid header, Invalid header size, Invalid message from controller, Invalid parameter
  • Controller not connected, Controller not valid
  • File read/write/open error on the controller
  • File read/write/open error on host
  • Disabled by Operator

The integration HID Global hardware offers enhanced and effective alarm response scenarios:

  • Suppress tamper messages, Suppress AC fail messages, Suppress battery fail messages
  • Enable tamper action, Enable AC fail action, Enable batter fail action, Enable held alarm
  • Disable tamper action, Disable AC fail action, Disable battery fail action, Disabled/clear forced alarm
  • Use normal access mode, Use extended access mode
  • Init Grant Access state machine, Init Deny Access state machine


  Download HID Integration Module Data sheet