Hunter Pro integration module

The Hunter Pro integration module allows sharing information about events and alarms between Hunter Pro panels from PIMA Electronic Systems LTD and the Intellect PSIM for creating a unified integrated security platform powered by AxxonSoft software.

ACFA Intellect offers integration support for HUNTER-PRO 832, HUNTER-PRO 896, and HUNTER-PRO 8144 panels, as well as EXP-PRO UNIV, I/O-8N, and I/O-16 zone expanders.

HUNTER-PRO panels allow monitoring the state of alarm loops with security/fire sensors, so that alarms and status messages are sent to the central monitoring station.

Here are just some of functionalities integrated:

  • Object disabled, Object enabled
  • Name assigned to user, User code not established, User code established
  • Controller enabled, Controller disabled
  • Failed to assign name

These events may trigger a range of response scenarios:

  • Arm area
  • Disarm area

Download Hunter Pro integration module Data sheet