Optex integration module

The Optex integration module allows sharing information about events and alarms between Optex perimeter security systems and the Intellect PSIM for creating a unified integrated security system powered by AxxonSoft software.

The Optex integration module supports the following functions:

  • Configuration of Optex hardware
  • Monitoring and management of Optex-based systems

ACFA Intellect offers integration support for REDSCAN RLS-3060SH laser scan detectors and REDBEAM Quad High Power Beam mid-range and long-range photoelectric detectors (60QN/100QN/200QN IP)

The REDSCAN RLS-3060SH is an innovative outdoor laser scan detector that performs high-precision measurement of size and speed of objects in a detection zone. The RLS-3060SH has four independent detection zones.

REDBEAM devices feature Smart Line Quad active beams with a range of 60 to 200 meters.

REDBEAM devices can convert an analog signal from alarm contacts into a digital Redwall Event Code that can then be passed via IP to video management software for triggering events.

Here are just some of functionalities integrated:

  • Connection established, Connection failure
  • Sensor error condition, Sensor normal condition, Sensor norm
  • Process alarm, Disarmed, Child area alarmed
  • Tamper circuit activates, Tamper circuit disactivates

These events may trigger a range of response scenarios:

  • Arm
  • Disarm
  • Process all alarm

  Download Optex Integration Module Data sheet