Unipos integration module

The Unipos integration module allows sharing information about events and alarms between Unipos alarm systems and the Intellect PSIM, enabling creation of AxxonSoft-powered security systems that consolidate diverse hardware in a single software interface.

The Unipos integration module supports the following functions:

  • Configuration of Unipos fire alarm system
  • Communication between Unipos alarm system and ACFA Intellect (monitoring, management).

ACFA Intellect offers integration support for IFS7002-2 and IFS7002-4 interactive fire control panels, as well as FS5200 and FS5100 conventional fire control panels.

IFS7002 panels are designed for interfacing with addressable automatic fire detectors and manual call points. The devices feature two signal loops (branchable) for connecting fire detectors, input/output modules, adapters, automatic fire suppression modules, and support for full automation of the control panel and addressed fire detectors and call points.

FS5200 and FS5100 conventional fire control panels support up to 32 fire detectors in a line, as well as group separation into manual and automatic fire detectors.

Here are just some of functionalities integrated:

  • Link lost, Link ok
  • Device Disabled, Device Enabled
  • Addressable Output Disabled, Addressable Output Enabled
  • Addressable input Disabled, Addressable Input Enabled
  • Device Removed, Device Armed, Fault in Device
  • PreFire, PreFire Reset

The integration with Unipos offers enhanced and effective alarm response scenarios:

  • Stop local zoomers
  • Suppress/Activate Sounders
  • Reset “fires”/”inputs”
  • Synchronize time
Download Unipos integration module Data sheet