Virdi integration module

Established in 2000, UnionCommunity’s brands Virdi is a global leader in biometric technology, identity management and embedded solutions.

UnionCommunity’s biometric terminals for Access Control or Time Attendance supporting AxxonSoft technology, has given our customers a broader solution and more options. UnionCommunity’s optical sensor manufacturing, face / fingerprint algorithm and fake fingerprint protection technology define our core technology.

UnionCommunity’s mission is to provide one-stop service from product development and solution integration using our own core technology believing in providing a full solution to customers.

VIRDI is pursuing the paradigm in the biometric industry with its market-proven expertise, and core technology.

Seamless integration between AxxonSoft Intellect Software and Virdi Devices, allowing the user to directly manage Virdi solutions from Intellect Software.


Download Virdi Integration Module Data sheet